About us

We Are Spaceart

The art which can come into existence not merely by the creative genius of an individual, but by the collective and crafty effort of expertise coming together for a logic as well as artistic solution….



Personal Attention

Spaceart Architects have developed a work culture to cater the Architectural necessities of our clients with credibility and professionalism. Shonin C Simon, the principal, personally designs every commission and ensures personal attention for everyproject.



Ensuring Perfection

The supporting crew, an experienced team of Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Drawing and Visualization Specialists and Work Monitoring team, ensures perfection as different levels.



High Standards

The management structure guarantees the office's consistency and high standards of design and documentation. We believe in modern technology, innovative designs, aesthetic outlook, cost competence, timely delivery and effective project management, to be the basic criteria for our projects.